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Naomi Casiro

Naomi, a Registered Physiotherapist, founded NeuroFit BC to allow her to better serve the Parkinson's population and as a platform on which to educate other health care professionals.  Naomi now spends her time teaching classes and treating clients in Vancouver, and offering classes to health care professionals across the country about the incredible impact of exercise and neuroplasticity on those living with Parkinson's Disease (Changing Parkinson's: Exercise as Primary Treatment).  Naomi is also one of the co-founders of the RISE retreat, the first ever BC Parkinson's Exercise and Wellness Retreat which is now an annual, fun 4 day retreat providing education, exercise, and a supportive environment for clients with PD and their care partners. When she is not at her clinic, Naomi can be found teaching at the University of British Columbia as an adjunct professor, or spending time with her little girl, cute dog or racing in the pool!